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IWantSprees - Shopping made easy

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Rules and Regulations at IWantSprees

    Table of Contents

  1. Spree Organiser Registration

  2. Info for Spree Organisers

    • Posting Requirements
    • Terms & Conditions of Sprees
    • Feedback

  3. Info for Spree Participants

    • Requirements
    • Responsibility

  4. Suspensions & Bans

  5. Contact Us

Spree Organiser Registration


1. JOIN the community, [info]iwantsprees.

2. Send your application via e-mail with the following format to iwantsprees.mods@gmail.com

Subject: Application for Spree Organizer [LJ Nick]
LJ Nick:
Full name:
IC Number:
Date of birth:
Email Address:
Contact number:
Spree experiences: (spree community fb preferred but we do take into consideration personal fb, ebay and other forums)

Please scan the front and back of your NRIC. The face,name and address must be clear.
Alternatively, you can provide a scan of a Student card/Driver's License and a recent bill that contains your name and address.

Minimum age of 17 years old. We believe that spree organising is a huge responsibility that requires maturity and sensibility.

Only one application is allowed per month. Multiple applications within the same month will be ignored and deleted immediately.

Info for Spree Organisers

  1. All posts within the community are moderated.

  2. Organising sprees on iwantsprees are done at your own risk.

  3. It is the spree organisers' responsibility to include and define clearly all charges to be made for the spree within the spree post.

  4. If you do not wish to accept a particular order, you may reject it at your own discretion.

Posting Requirements

  1. Only 1 spree per post.

  2. Only 1 image outside lj-cut, and it should not exceed 350px * 350px

  3. Max. of 15 lines outside your lj-cut (including pictures, feedback link, etc.)

  4. Feedback count must be updated and hyperlinked to the respective feedback page, and posted before lj-cut.

  5. All spree details should be under lj-cut.

  6. Please do not use font sizes that are so huge.

  7. Please state the status of your sprees [OPEN/CLOSED/CANCELLED] clearly in the subject.

  8. Entries must not be deleted. If your spree has to be cancelled, state [CANCELLED] in the subject next to your spree title.

  9. Comments must not be screened.

Terms & Conditions of Sprees

  1. Spree updates must be made periodically (orders placed/shipped/arrived).

  2. Please follow the updated exchange rates before posting your spree. Using a higher exchange rate than those stated will lead to suspension/ban.

  3. Handling fees must not exceed 50 cents per participant, and it should cover costs of basic stationery.

  4. Sprees for the following are not allowed:
    • Instocks
    • Non-Authentic items
    • Handmade items/DIYs
    • Contact Lens

  5. Supplier sprees are allowed, but they are subjected to approval. You may be requested to submit the supplier information for verification prior to spree approval.

  6. Only 1 repost is allowed per spree, and only if it is no longer on the first page.

  7. Reposts should have comments disabled to avoid confusion.


  1. Spree organisers with less than 99.5% positive feedback or more than 2 negative feedback will be suspended. (percentage is calculated by positive feedback/total feedback)

  2. All feedback should be left on iwantspreesfb for sprees held within this community.

Info for Spree Participants

* Please join iwantsprees before participating in any sprees. [Click here to join]
* You may post your requests for sprees that are not available. [Spree Requests]

Requirements, Responsibility

  1. Participate in sprees at your own risk. The mods cannot guarantee the reliability of all spree organisers, but we can assist you in resolving any problems that occur within the community.

  2. Please be polite, treat the spree organisers the same way you would like to be treated.

  3. Please read the details posted by the spree organisers before participating. If you are uncomfortable with any points made by the spree organiser, please do not join the spree.

  4. Do not exceed the cap (maximum amount of orders accepted) stated by the spree organiser.

  5. Please contact us if you feel that a spree organiser is acting inappropriately (eg. charging higher exchange rates).

Suspensions & Bans

Suspensions & bans are applicable to all members within the community.

  • Disregarding and disobeying any of the above rules.

  • Any form of prejudice or disrespect shown.

  • Leaving unfair feedback.

  • Falsifying of information and details (including spree and spree-ers details).

  • Sending irrelevant messages to moderators' emails, inbox or livejournal (including personal moderator's emails).

  • Repeated offenses.

  • More than 3 suspensions.

  • Falsifying of payment information and details (applies to both spree-er and organiser).

  • Sending irrelevant messages to moderators' emails, inbox or livejournal (including personal moderator's emails).

  • Profiteering or confiscating of participant's money.

  • Leaving feedback for sprees which you are not a part of.

Contact Us

You may send an email to iwantsprees.mods@gmail.com if:
- you would like to inform us of a misconduct by any member of the community.
- you have evidence of a spree organiser to be falsifying information, profiteering or scamming.
- you have evidence of a spree participant to be falsifying information.
- you require urgent assistance with regards to the sprees within the community.

All irrelevant emails will be deleted and the sender may be blocked/suspended/banned.